DOF/191213 0454Z

 10 landings this month using housewife slippers (ordered by most lucky pilot)

Callsign Pilot Plane Type Touch (ft/min) Arrival Date
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 5 ft/min OKBK2019-12-08 09:19:42
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 6 ft/min FMCH2019-12-06 10:04:55
MVA1984Bruno EsperanzaS550- 8 ft/min LEAS2019-12-10 23:43:57
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 12 ft/min FEFF2019-12-09 23:21:38
MVA1045Fábio MartinsE195- 40 ft/min LPPR2019-12-08 17:23:16
MVA1984Bruno EsperanzaS550- 43 ft/min LERJ2019-12-11 23:26:28
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 46 ft/min FZQA2019-12-10 11:09:09
MVA254CLeo CostaQ400- 47 ft/min LPLA2019-12-12 19:19:21
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 49 ft/min OYSN2019-12-01 19:52:24
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 52 ft/min LYNI2019-12-09 12:52:28

 10 landings usind a big male sledgehammer this month (great mother of christ)

Callsign Pilot Plane Type Touch (ft/min) Arrival Date
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 838 ft/min FMMI2019-12-06 16:00:22
MVA1044Ricardo JustoB789- 412 ft/min EGLL2019-12-01 08:04:20
MVA2069Denis PoustovgarA320- 411 ft/min LPMA2019-12-03 22:03:08
MVA2069Denis PoustovgarA21N- 398 ft/min LPPR2019-12-10 21:59:13
MVA1907Filipe SousaB736- 366 ft/min LEMH2019-12-04 19:30:42
MVA3349Paulo Ferreira- 321 ft/min LPPT2019-12-03 14:18:59
MVA2069Denis PoustovgarA21N- 315 ft/min LPAZ2019-12-08 14:07:29
MVA236Luís GouveiaB738- 295 ft/min LPPI2019-12-08 15:20:30
MVA7916Nuno LimaA320-200- 287 ft/min LFPG2019-12-09 22:09:45
MVA1205Calvino BrumQ400- 275 ft/min LPHR2019-12-11 20:18:49

 Flight time per pilot this month

Callsign Pilot Total hours
MVA2351Kevin Tomé76 hrs
MVA1044Ricardo Justo48 hrs
MVA2069Denis Poustovgar13 hrs
MVA1045Fábio Martins10 hrs
MVA1984Bruno Esperanza5 hrs
MVA1205Calvino Brum5 hrs
MVA1414Lucas Castro5 hrs
MVA7916Nuno Lima3 hrs
MVA236Luís Gouveia3 hrs
MVA1907Filipe Sousa3 hrs

 Total flights this month

Callsign Pilot Total flights this month
MVA2351Kevin Tomé31
MVA1044Ricardo Justo10
MVA1045Fábio Martins10
MVA1205Calvino Brum7
MVA2069Denis Poustovgar6
MVA1984Bruno Esperanza4
MVA1414Lucas Castro3
MVA1907Filipe Sousa3
MVA7916Nuno Lima2
MVA3349Paulo Ferreira1

 Top 10 routes this month

Airport Departure Airport Arrival # Flights

 Current month statistics

Total hours: 170:10
Flights total 80
Flights Regular 3
Flights Charter 77
% Flights Regular 3.75 %

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