DOF/220927 1333Z

 10 landings this month using housewife slippers (ordered by most lucky pilot)

Callsign Pilot Plane Type Touch (ft/min) Arrival Date
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 11 ft/min LPPI2022-09-04 18:57:58
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 28 ft/min LPPD2022-09-02 20:39:30
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 62 ft/min LPHR2022-09-05 19:33:42
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 70 ft/min LPLA2022-09-09 18:35:46
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 82 ft/min LPPI2022-09-02 19:07:46
MVA1097Francisco Jesus- 82 ft/min EGPH2022-09-12 17:51:44
MVA2351Kevin ToméA20N- 111 ft/min PAFA2022-09-10 21:11:04
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 116 ft/min LPPD2022-09-09 22:07:31
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 123 ft/min LPLA2022-09-03 22:50:21
MVA2351Kevin ToméA20N- 124 ft/min GMMN2022-09-07 22:44:39

 10 landings usind a big male sledgehammer this month (great mother of christ)

Callsign Pilot Plane Type Touch (ft/min) Arrival Date
MVA1045Fábio Martins- 1,029 ft/min LXGB2022-09-23 16:37:53
MVA1045Fábio Martins- 937 ft/min LPMA2022-09-15 19:21:18
MVA236Luís Gouveia- 400 ft/min FCPP2022-09-01 07:53:57
MVA1115Manuel ChelinhoA319- 367 ft/min LPPT2022-09-03 23:49:17
MVA1045Fábio Martins- 361 ft/min LPPT2022-09-25 21:38:44
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 310 ft/min LPFL2022-09-09 20:46:28
MVA2351Kevin ToméA20N- 285 ft/min GCLA2022-09-10 17:43:27
MVA1045Fábio Martins- 267 ft/min LPFR2022-09-25 17:42:22
MVA2351Kevin ToméA20N- 258 ft/min LPMA2022-09-07 20:09:29
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 200 ft/min LPLA2022-09-09 19:33:02

 Flight time per pilot this month

Callsign Pilot Total hours
MVA2351Kevin Tomé11 hrs
MVA1045Fábio Martins7 hrs
MVA236Luís Gouveia7 hrs
MVA1028Jason Trindade2 hrs
MVA1089João Costa2 hrs
MVA1097Francisco Jesus1 hrs
MVA1115Manuel Chelinho0 hrs

 Total flights this month

Callsign Pilot Total flights this month
MVA2351Kevin Tomé15
MVA1045Fábio Martins7
MVA236Luís Gouveia1
MVA1115Manuel Chelinho1
MVA1089João Costa1
MVA1097Francisco Jesus1
MVA1028Jason Trindade1

 Top 10 routes this month

Airport Departure Airport Arrival # Flights

 Current month statistics

Total hours: 30:08
Flights total 27
Flights Regular 1
Flights Charter 26
% Flights Regular 3.70 %

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