DOF/230208 2037Z

 10 landings last month using housewife slippers (ordered by most lucky pilot)

Callsign Pilot Plane Type Touch (ft/min) Arrival Date
MVA1984Bruno EsperanzaC172- 1 ft/min EDNV2023-01-29 11:21:42
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 9 ft/min LPPI2023-01-14 19:54:02
MVA1089João CostaC337- 27 ft/min LPOV2023-01-29 17:04:08
MVA1089João CostaC337- 40 ft/min LPMR2023-01-29 18:02:05
MVA1023João Guilherme França B738- 75 ft/min BIRK2023-01-11 00:48:49
MVA1023João Guilherme França B738- 105 ft/min CYQX2023-01-13 00:49:30
MVA1045Fábio Martins- 110 ft/min LPMA2023-01-08 16:46:29
MVA1023João Guilherme França B738- 117 ft/min EGLL2023-01-14 13:13:37
MVA1028Jason Trindade- 130 ft/min LPJF2023-01-12 15:19:55
MVA1045Fábio Martins- 181 ft/min LPPR2023-01-22 16:21:47

 10 landings usind a big male sledgehammer last month (great mother of christ)

Callsign Pilot Plane Type Touch (ft/min) Arrival Date
MVA1089João CostaC295M- 684 ft/min SVMP2023-01-15 16:26:21
MVA1023João Guilherme França B738- 551 ft/min LPPT2023-01-05 08:17:08
MVA1414Lucas CastroA320-214- 490 ft/min LPHR2023-01-26 23:47:26
MVA1089João CostaC 337- 358 ft/min LPVZ2023-01-29 16:27:38
MVA1984Bruno EsperanzaC172- 311 ft/min EDGH2023-01-28 12:46:36
MVA1089João CostaC295M- 244 ft/min LPLA2023-01-04 17:39:41
MVA1097Francisco Jesus- 222 ft/min TNCM2023-01-23 19:07:24
MVA1089João Costa- 200 ft/min LEBL2023-01-06 16:17:34
MVA1023João Guilherme França B738- 199 ft/min LPPT2023-01-13 17:36:09
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 198 ft/min LPPI2023-01-14 21:09:35

 Top 10 hours per pilot last month

Callsign Pilot Total hours
MVA1023João Guilherme França 20 hrs
MVA1089João Costa6 hrs
MVA2351Kevin Tomé2 hrs
MVA1414Lucas Castro2 hrs
MVA1045Fábio Martins2 hrs
MVA1984Bruno Esperanza2 hrs
MVA1097Francisco Jesus1 hrs
MVA1028Jason Trindade0 hrs

 Top 10 flights per pilot last month

Callsign Pilot Total flights
MVA1089João Costa6
MVA1023João Guilherme França 5
MVA2351Kevin Tomé3
MVA1045Fábio Martins2
MVA1097Francisco Jesus2
MVA1984Bruno Esperanza2
MVA1028Jason Trindade1
MVA1414Lucas Castro1

 Top 10 routes flown last month

Airport Departure Airport Arrival # Flights

 Last month statistics

Total hours: 35:10
Flights total 22
Flights Regular 3
Flights Charter 19
% Flights Regular 13.64 %

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