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Duarte Almeida

MVA1997 - CEO, Social Media Administrator

Duarte Almeida is the great leader of this organization and ensures the proper functioning of the different departments. His wisdom and vision are second to none. He's kind, but fair, and a role model for us all.

Bruno Esperanza

MVA1984 - CIO, DPO, Webmaster, Livestreamer

Bruno Esperanza adds value to the organization with brilliantly crafted ideas that excite and motivate the members. He also maintains the website, thanks to his technical skills. As a livestreamer, he provides content to MVA's youtube channel to keep the audience engaged.

Carlos Rodrigues

MVA1408 - SIO, Webmaster, Senior Advisor

Each organization has different kinds of members. Overachievers, underachievers, and everything in between. Carlos Rodrigues is at the very extreme end of underachievement. Among Carlos' main tasks are scrotum scratching and watching paint dry. God only knows what the other board members were thinking when they invited Carlos to join MVA's board, but now it's too late, the damage is already done.

Ricardo Sá Pessoa

MVA186 - Livestreamer, Senior Social Media Officer, Route Manager

Ricardo is one of the youngest MVA board members. His willingness to learn and commitment were among the traits that led to the invitation to join the leadership of this great organization. As the first consistent livestreamer for MVA, we could say that Ricardo was the stepping stone on the road to MVA's success. Ricardo is also well known for having family members with a significant eye-candy factor.

Daniel Monteiro

MVA1928 - Fleet and Route Administrator, Senior Advisor

Daniel is one of the members who has been at the helm of this organization for the longest time. As the best impersonator of the group, his voice has become trademark of MVA. Being a true Man of the North, Daniel has no problems in speaking his mind #nofilters. This has made him infamous in some circles, but it also means that he is an honest and transparent man, making him a very reliable and valuable asset for this great organization. When Daniel is not busy taking care of his sardines, cats, or busy social life, you may find him maintaining MVA's fleet and routes.

Paulo Ferreira

MVA3349 - Support Manager, Senior Advisor

Paulo is one of the few of us who can actually say his work is related to aviation. And apparently, he really likes it as it is also his hobby! A great professional with a huge passion for both aviation and MVA, Paulo joined our ranks as an advisor to this great organization, and was recently promoted to Support Manager, leading our Helpdesk team. On a personal level, Paulo is an extremely helpful and friendly person, but with a very short temper. If you don't want to know his wrath, avoid making any negative comments about MVA or he will find you and kill you, like Liam Neeson.

João Chaló

MVA666 - Senior Advisor

João was also one of the creators of this great organization. He has always supported this family from the beginning with the transmission of innovative ideas to make this excellent organization more and more successful each day. 

Fábio Martins

MVA1045 - Senior Advisor

Last but not least we have the great Fabio. He´s a good man who joined this great organization some time later. Anyway, he has done an excellent job, always supporting, sharing our ideias and helping members in all aspects. I can assure you that all the staff described on this page will help you.




Hence the slogan: Your friend in the sky :)

Filipe Sousa

MVA1907 - Webmaster, Junior Advisor

One of the youngest but one of the first to join, he has been with MVA since the beginning, and known by the oldest as the mystic Fly Atlantic 232 (with a little voice) and the one that almost won the first LRC at Valdez. He has since improved his skills and now he joined the team to bring a fresh mind, and make Mickey Virtual Airlines great again!

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